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Hans Thomalla


for small ensemble surrounding the audience (2020-21) duration: ca. 60'

Live at Northwestern University, November 19 2021

Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME)

Alan Pierson

Movement 1                                    [0'00']

Movement 2                                    [25'53']

Movement 3                                    [39'08']


Flute in C (also Bass-Flute)

Clarinet in B (also Bass-Clarinet)

Percussion (1 Player)

Piano (Grand Piano)




Movement 1 commissioned by Talea Ensemble NYC with a grant from the Fromm Foundation

Additional Information / weitere information:
Edition Juliane Klein

"Harmoniemusik was written during a period of both political as well as personal grief. It is the attempt to create a ‘happy place’ for an hour, even though it can never entirely escape the experience that it tries to leave behind."

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